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Working as a Sex Webcam Model

Working as an sex webcam model gives you the oppertunity to earn a lot of money and to do it in a quick way. All you need is a computer, a (HD) webcam and a fast internet connection. Good looks surely help but are not necessary. Are you spontaneous, your English is okay and you have some good looks? Then $ 50,000 per year is not impossible!

How does it work ?

maxim_girl-930x350As an sex webcam model you entertain your paying visitors by using special software. You use a private chat room, and visitors who enter this chat room pay to see you, chat with you, to give you presents and/or to see you give private shows. For which services you will or will not be paid depends on the webcam platform you are working for.

You are free to determine your own borders on how far you expose yourself and there are no conditions regarding gender and looks. Even exposing yourself is not mandatory, although that is of course the way to attract most paying visitors.

What do you need ?

Your only requirements are a computer, a (HD) webcam and, preferable, a high speed internet connection. A HD webcam in combination with a high speed internet connection is preferred because paying visitors can get a higher video quality when watching you, further on it gives you the oppertunity to work simultaneously on multiple platforms.
When registering with the webcam platform you want to work for you need to have a copy or scan of a valid id card or passport to prove that you are at least, over the age of eighteen years old.

How much can you earn?

earningsOn international webcam platforms visitors can enter your chatroom for free, your earnings are made by receiving gifts and presents from customers and giving private shows. These (virtual) gifts and presents are actually tips. Tips like these can be worth tens of dollars and are not uncommon.
The Dutch IsLive visitors can only see you if they pay to enter your chat room. Your earnings will be 18 cents per visitor per minute. That seems not much, but since you can have multiple customers in your chat room, your earnings do add up.

Webcam models that are spontaneous and look good can earn from $ 50,000 up to $ 100,000 per year on the international platforms.
The most successful models on the international sites even come close to $ 50,000 per month !!

Where to Apply ?

Can you read and write English ? (speaking is not even necessary) Go to work on an international platform. On these platforms, visitors receive free entry to your chat room, and you’ll earn money by receiving gifts and giving private shows. The big advantage of international platforms is that they have many paying visitors and that you therefore can earn much money. The best international platform is Live Jasmin.


1. IsLive (Dutch) gv-star-small-active
2. LiveJasminRecommended! gv-star-small-active
3. Internetmodeling gv-4star-small-active
4. Chaturbate gv-3star-small-active


An alternative to the international platforms is the Dutch “IsLive” platform. At IsLive, visitors pay for every minute they have access to your chat room. Other advantages are that there are hardly any requirements in terms of appearance, only paying visitors can see you and most visitors are dutch. The IsLive support is completely in Dutch as well. The downside is that your revenues are much lower than on international platforms.

Tip 1: Try multiple platformsmultiple-platforms

Good looks are one of the ingredients to make you earn the most on platforms like LiveJasmin or Internet Modeling. Chaturbate is usually the best choice if you are a spontaneous person. If your english vocabulary doen’t go beyond “Yes” and “No”, then it is advisable to join the dutch IsLive. But the best is just to try all platforms; try what platform you like best and what brings you the most earnings.

Tip 2: Work for multiple platforms simultaneously!

manycamIf your computer and internet connection are fast enough you can even try to run the software of multiple platforms simultaneously. Doing so gives you the oppertunity to earn money on several sites simultaneously. A useful free software tool that you can use for doing this is ManyCam. This software allows you to use your webcam for multiple computer programs on a simultaneous basis.


checkWhen working for the Dutch IsLive platform you receive your payments directly on your bank account, but in international platforms this is not possible. To receive your payments from those platforms a check can be send to you, but that’s actually a waste of money because of the high transaction costs.Payoneer-Debit-Card

The most ideal payout method is offered by Live Jasmin, here you can choose the option Payoneer MasterCard“.  When choosing this option you receive a debit card which is sent to your home address. With this debit card you can withdraw money from ATM’s, you can pay in stores and in online webshops. However, this debit card costs $ 2 per month. It is therefore the best to choose for a check payout and to wait for choosing the debit card option until you have earned enough to be able to withdraw some money.